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A Few Features of Non-Traditional Toilets


            When thinking about the toilet, there is more to think about and appreciate than we realize.   Toilets have a handle you can flush, the bowl that empties, the tank that refills. And then there are all those other mechanisms to a toilet that helps the functionality. In addition that are many other toilets have additional features that can cause them to be classified as a non-traditional toilet.  Of the non-traditional features in the toilet, here are the 6 we think are worth checking into.

            Self cleaning toilets- Nearly all toilets of non-traditional toilets possess some degree of self-cleaning capacity. Some toilets have the ability to keep debris from sticking to the bowl, some have the ability to scrub the bowl with every flush, and some have a cleaning features at the touch of a button. Regardless of how the toilet is designed to self- clean, it is a luxury to not have to do the cleaning of the toilet bowl any longer, ask any wife 😊!

            Motion Activated Sensors- Do you dread bending over and touching the toilet lid to lift it? Do you dread bending over to have to flush the handle once you have finished using the toilet? Another non-traditional toilet feature can allow you to motion-activate the toilet lid and the flushing mechanisms.  Men & women alike will benefit from this feature. Men will not have to worry about forgetting to lift the seat up or down while the women will no longer have to worry if the man of the house did. It is a win-win for all. And then of course, there is the toilet feature that we see in a lot of commercial establishments: the auto-flush. It is a great feature for a couple of reasons. First, you can forget to flush the toilet but as you get up from the toilet, the sensors will activate the toilet and it will flush. Secondly, you will not have to touch the toilet handle any longer… isn’t that a blessing (they are so dirty).

            Raised seats, cushioned seats, and toilet seat lights- Toilet seats can now come with a variety of features.  Some toilet seats are cushioned for comfort, some seats are thicker or raised, and some are heated.  In addition, there are seats that have a night light. This may sound really silly but because I have a toddler and a husband, I found this feature a must to keep up with now. It is really funny. My husband thought that this feature was nothing more than a silly feature. In fact he was adamite that it had to go. But I told him this is my bathroom and this is what I want. He allowed for it. I thought it would be great for my toddler for when she needs to get up in the middle of the night to go potty. It’s a win-win because at that age, we all know that monsters exist and then she would not have to turn the light on in the bathroom causing her little eyes to be strained. Little did I know, that this would be the reason why my husband chooses to go to the bathroom down the hall rather than our master bathroom so he does not have to strain his eyes.  

            Heated seats- Not only do you never have to suffer through any of your business on a cold toilet seat again, seat warmers on many models even have adjustments that give you precise control over the seat’s temperature. And, if your bottom is warm, your feet should be too. Newer luxury model toiles have the ability to blow warm air on your feet from the base of the toilet. Isn’t that something?

            Option for a Bidet- Most luxury toilet seats offer bidet and drying features. Wands extend from beneath the seat at a touch of a button, and spray warm water to help keep you clean. Warm air finishes the job, drying better than any toilet paper. All of this usually takes place on a heated seat.

            Air Purifier- The last feature that we will look at is the air purification system. These systems are operated by a sensor; as soon as the lid is lifted, or a user is detected, the system kicks on, cleaning the air and eliminating odors. Toilets with deodorizers erase your stink in 1 of 2 ways: Carbon filters: these filters in the toilet bowl remove smells before they reach the air. Fragrances: like a built-in air freshener, a fragrance is sprayed that leaves the room smelling ultra fresh.

            If you have questions about how you can add these non-traditional features or a luxury toilet to your home, give your Omaha SWEET plumbers at American Rooter Plumbing a call!  We would love to help you.

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