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3 Reasons Home Owners Choose Soft Water


          As you may know, water is quite possibly one of the most important elements on earth.  Water is used in many capacities and often is not always found in its healthiest form.  As rainwater falls, it is naturally soft. However, as water collects and makes its way through the ground to our waterways, it picks up various minerals such as calcium, magnesium chalk, and lime making the water have a hard mineral content. Since hard water contains essential minerals, it is sometimes the preferred drinking water. Though hard water may taste better to drink, soft water is overall better for you and your home. Since rain water is naturally soft, soft water is considered to be a bit more natural. It has almost no added elements. Soft water is most often achieved through a water softening treatment system. A water softening system can actually reduce the need for detergents and soap in your home because there aren’t any elements that might interact with your cleaning products. What’s more, though, is that you’ll even notice it in your shower, because it helps soap become more effective and lather easier than ever.

            Though soft water has several benefits for you and your home, we feel that these three benefits of soft water make it worthwhile to consider having soft water in your home.

            Repair of you homes water pipes less often. Water that is hard, can cause build up and damage to your home’s water source plumbing system. Houses in the Omaha area using hard water loaded with calcium and magnesium, tend to see that particles will form in their supply line that eventually block the supply of water. This frequent damage to your water system and poor water supply cause natural mineral build-up and can be solved through using water softener systems. A soft water system converts hard water into soft, and eliminates those minerals that harm your pipelines. Soft water will also assist in maintaining your water system, causing it to be able to last longer and avoid those recurring plumbing repairs.

            Soft water extends the life of your appliances. Using a soft water system at home “softens” your water from being hard by removing minerals from it. The absence of minerals that make water hard (soft water) extends the life of your appliances.  Many appliances are not built for hard water use. When the homes water is hard, at some time, there will be some sort of clogging and issues that were brought up by mineral formation with in the appliance. Using hard water in your home may lessen the life span of your appliance by as many as 2-3 years. Soft water will help your appliances reach their maximum life expectancy.

            Over all, you save more money. Though initially it may not feel like you will be saving money by installing a water softening system, over time you will save more money! As the system works in your home longer and longer, you will notice the absence of repairs and maintenance for appliances and your plumbing system. Additionally, it will help extend the life of your appliances and lessen the energy needed to fuel them making a cut from your monthly electricity bills, thus saving you money. By adding the water softening system, soft water removes the unnecessary residue that clog your pipes that lead your machines to require more energy output in the first place. An added bonus is that soft water is better for your clothing, it will help in maintaining softness, structure, and color of your clothing. Additionally, soft water will cause soap to lather more as it is not fighting hard minerals and does not require as much soap for washing clothing or yourself.

            If your home is experiencing hard water or if you are unsure about the water quality in your home, call your SWEET Omaha Plumbers at American Rooter Plumbing today! We can schedule a technician to come to your home and educate you on the quality of your homes water and how to make it better.

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