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5 Plumbing Issues that Will Haunt You

Inside of a pipe

It’s spooky season yet again and our expert technicians at American Rooter Plumbing have come up with a list of plumbing problems that will haunt you if undealt with! Ghouls and ghosts may not be real threats to your family, but these issues are! Check out this blog to find solutions to scary plumbing situations you may find yourself in this fall and call us at 402-298-5414 with any and all questions you may have!

  1. Leaks, Creaks, and Mold!
    1. Scared of things that go BUMP in the night? Ever wake up in a cold sweat to the sounds of tapping and banging? More than likely, leaks are haunting your home.
    2. Whether they are just annoying or threatening to damage your home, leaks are an enemy that should be dealt with as soon as possible. Wasted water, especially from leaks at unknown locations, hurts house’s interior infrastructure, the environment, and your wallet.
    3. Identify the source of the leak as a first step. See if you can turn shut off valves to the line or place something beneath the leak to catch water if possible. If you are unable to find the leak, cannot contain the water, and/or need peace of mind, call us, your local leak-fighting plumbing team! We’re trained in locating and repairing leaks; we’ve got you covered! 402-298-5414
  2. Phantom Toilets!
    1. Does your toilet flush unexpectedly or when nobody is around? Are you afraid a ghost may be using your toilet without your permission? Don’t fret, this issue is caused by something inside the toilet, not by a ghost.
    2. There are number of reasons why a toilet may be flushing without being used; there could be leaks within the bowl, incessant water flow, or an issue with the flushing-mechanism, for example. Solutions could be simple, or they could require the toilet to be replaced. Consult us, your local, expert plumbing company, for the best solution for your situation.
  3. Gnarly Tree Roots!
    1. Tree roots grow wildly, especially during the cold months, searching for water to feed upon. Sewer pipes make for the perfect source of water for these roots, especially when cracks, offsets, and or bellies in the line allow water to enter the soil. The roots grow within these breaks to eventually overcome the drain line, causing back ups in your home.
    2. The solutions available through American Rooter Plumbing range from snaking light root penetration, hydro-jetting serious root growth, and replacing or lining sewer pipes to prevent root intrusion. Call us for any and all of your drain concerns! 402-298-5414
  4. Hot Water Running Cold!
    1. Have you ever been frightened by the shock of hot water turning instantly to icy cold? This issue is especially concerning as the weather gets colder and outdoor temperatures threaten the status of your pipes.
    2. One source of hot water issues is that your water heater is failing, either due to age, damaged equipment, or a combination of both. Another reason could be found in water piping if there is mineral build up that is blocking the hot water from reaching fixtures or if there is a leak in the hot water line that is diverting its flow.
    3. Either way, losing hot water is a serious issue as it is so integral to our daily lives. If you notice your hot water is losing it steam, give us a call we can identify the root of the problem and offer you solutions to get the heat flowing to through your house’s veins in no time!
  5. Zombified Garbage Disposals!
    1. Is your garbage disposal making strange noises reminiscent of the undead? Is water getting spat at you whenever the run the disposal with water? More than likely, you are dealing with a either a clog in the machine or a mechanical error.
    2. There are a few solutions to this issue that you can try before calling us! Firstly, check to see if there is anything stuck in the blades. If not, use an allen wrench to twist the blades to realign them from the bottom of the mechanism. You can also check if the power cord has been impacted. Finally, you can hit the reset button also on the bottom of the disposer.
    3. If none of those DIY solutions work, you may have a more serious clog issue or may need a new garbage disposal. American Rooter Plumbing is outfitted with the appropriate tools to figure out the issue and replace the disposal if necessary! Give us a call at 402-298-5414!
When you’re facing haunting plumbing issues, don’t let them paralyze you into inaction. Just as you would call the Ghost Busters to deal with any spirits, call American Rooter Plumbing for any and all of your spooky plumbing problems! Stay safe and SWEET this Halloween and keep us, the SWEET Plumbers, on your mind if your plumbing isn’t being kind! 402-298-5414
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