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How to Love on Your Plumbing: 3 Tips that Can Help to Prevent Harm to Your Home’s Plumbing System!


While it might not be the top priority on your mind all the time, when the plumbing in your home stops functioning properly it can be a real headache. Keeping an eye out for signs of wear and/or damage can save you from future stress. Preventative plumbing measures are time and money savers, and simple actions you can do daily, weekly, or monthly will contribute to the health of your home and its fixtures! Below are 3 WAYS YOU can help to preserve your fixture plumbing and drain pipes:

  1. Clean Your Fixtures Regularly!

You use your faucets, showerheads, and toilets often, so it is not surprising that these fixtures will develop wear through age. Specific things to look out for include:

  • Hard Water Build-Up Around Joints & Openings
    • Hard Water, or water-rich with natural minerals, can cause build-up over time. If you do not have a water softener or descaler, this issue will more than likely impact the water pressure in your home at some point in time. Cleaning off the visible build-up around faucet spouts & drain openings will help keep water pressure consistent & will preserve the status of the fixtures into the future.
  • Water Damage Near Fixtures
    • Try and check to see if your fixtures are leaking at their connections. Leaking onto your floors, walls, or countertops can lead to water damage or mold. If you notice leaking, try and identify where the leaking is coming from, clean up the water immediately, and make a plan to CALL US, your local premier plumbers as soon as possible. We can fix any leak issue and prevent significant and costly damage to your home!
  • Cracks, Tears, or Wobbles
    • Inspect your fixtures every so often for any visible damage. Cracks in your metal fixtures or toilet assembly can lead to leaking and water waste. Tears in water piping will most likely lead to leaks. Sometimes these two issues are easy fixes, either not leading to any damage to your home or capable of being covered up until a more permanent solution is found. It is important to verify that these issues are not causing your water bill to rise, and if they are reaching out to us, we are experts at fixing and replacing fixtures!
    • Wobbly toilets signify an issue with the base connection to the ground and drain piping. While this apparent issue may not have immediate consequences, it will eventually damage the connection of the toilet and lead to leaks and costly repairs.

CLEANING YOUR FIXTURES PUTS THE POWER IN YOUR HANDS! You will be able to witness and take note of the status of your fixtures, giving you the ability to plan repairs if necessary!

  1. Keep Water Going Down Your Drains

The drains in your home benefit from having water running through them consistently, that is what they are designed for! Different temperatures of water and different solutions can help in preventing possible clogs and the evaporation of P-Trap water. Here are some simple ways you can prep & treat your drains:

  • DIY Drain Cleaners
    • DIY drain cleaners are often more effective than Draino or other drain “cleaners” which can be corrosive and damaging to drain piping.
    • ¼ cup of vinegar and at least a tablespoon of salt can act as a good sink cleaner, followed by running hot water down to wash away the smell and any loosened debris. Bleaching also contributes to cleanliness when left in the sink for at least an hour.
  • Hot Water
    • Boiling water poured down your kitchen drain once a week can remove light grease buildup. Adding dish soap will help to dissolve oil and grease.
    • Boiling water used in bathroom drains can help dislodge any hair or excess waste too.
  • Cold Water
    • Coldwater is useful when running the garbage disposal. Coldwater solidifies grease to be broken up by the disposal, this is preferable to hot water softening the grease to coat the blades and drain.

Remember to use your drains for what they were made for, TO DRAIN! Keep un-flushables out of drain pipes and utilize what you have in your home- meaning your water and DIY supplies- to attempt to clear common clogs. Lastly, always remember you have us, American Rooter Plumbing, Inc., to support you and to skillfully clean any difficult clogs!

  1. Learn About Your Plumbing System

As part of our SWEET values, we always aim to Educate our Clients! Our goal, through these blogs, through our social media, and through our customer service, is to give you as much information as possible so that you can make the most informed decision when it comes to your home’s plumbing system. Here are some ways to stay informed about plumbing systems and services:

  • Do a Google Search
    • If you really have no idea about what is going on with your plumbing, Google it! Most expert plumbing companies, like American Rooter Plumbing, Inc., have articles and blogs about each and every kind of plumbing issue. Plumbing magazines also provide a lot of information as well!
  • Check Out Our Website
    • American Rooter Plumbing, Inc. may happen to pop up on your Google search! It is full of useful resources such as articles and blogs (like this one) about our services, as well as helpful graphics & photographs!
  • Visit Our Facebook Page
    • Social Media is another tool for finding our facts and options for plumbing solutions! Our Facebook page is full of fun graphics, pictures, and videos that highlight what we do and how well we do it! #FAQFriday & #WisdomWednesday are especially helpful for those trying to learn about their plumbing system, so check those out!
  • Call American Rooter Plumbing, Inc.
    • Our customer service team is ready on the line to answer your questions about services and supplies! If aren’t able to answer your question, we have a team of expert plumbers who are able to come out and diagnose any plumbing issue. Our number is 402-298-5414!

We are here for YOU! We offer so many different resources and tools for you to make the best decisions for your family and your home! Do not hesitate to call us with your plumbing concerns, we are expert professionals in our field and Sweet people to the core!

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