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Pipe-Lining vs. Sewer Replacement

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Experiencing back-ups in your floor drains or bathrooms anytime you use your plumbing?

Do you believe you have cracks, breaks, offsets, and/or tree roots in your sewer line?

Are you confused about your options for rejuvenating, repairing, or replacing a damaged sewer line?

We’ve got the fixes to your problems and the answers to your questions! Our team of skilled plumbers is experienced in a spectrum of drain clearing, repairing, and replacing services. Our expertise follows steps of diagnosing and recommending appropriate resolutions to drain issues, as well as performing the services to deal with the issue efficiently and effectively. In this blog we briefly overview which services fit best to which drain issue and situation.

Why would I need to replace the sewer instead of lining the existing line?

Some situations prevent Pipe-Lining from being an option. Compromised pipes, meaning they are either crushed or bellied completely to the point where we are not able to get a scope, snake, jetter, or rejuvenation machine through would NOT be capable of lining. If we can’t even get these tools through the line, there is no way that our machine will be able to fit through compromised sections of pipe to line its walls.

This is not to say that we cannot line the pipe at all though! Some drain systems may be line-able to a point or through a section, but this is diagnosable case-by-case.

Furthermore, UV Pipe-Lining is not available everywhere in the Omaha-Metro area. You can call 402-298-5414 for more information on if the service is accessible to you and your home!

Sewer Replacement Options

There are three main types of sewer repairs and replacements: Spot Repairs, Trenched Replacements, or Pipe-Burst (or Trenchless) Replacements.

Firstly, spot repairs, while being an option, are not always recommended. Spot repairs, meaning digging up in a single spot and replacing a specified section of an existing sewer pipe, only deal with drain issues in a designated area. These repairs may deal with a singular issue in the line, but they do not prevent issues in the rest of the line, nor do they guarantee the issue will be resolved completely if there are clogs or breaks further down the line that were not visible at the original diagnosis.

Secondly, trenched sewer replacements are just as they sound- our crew digs a trench from the city sewer connect to the drain connection of your home to put in a brand-new sewer pipe. This process is the most time consuming, the costliest, and the most destructive to your yard. This option is only required in situations where pipes are collapsed, crushed, extremely difficult to scope, and/or in situations that are unforeseen and out-of-the-ordinary. Our team is knowledgeable and works to avoid this option if at all possible.

Lastly, pipe-burst replacements offer an avenue for less intrusive replacements. Instead of digging up the entire length of the pipe, two holes are dug at the city connect and at the home and a new line is pulled through to connect the two. This option is less costly and less intrusive to your yard. We have specialized in this type of pipe-replacement for years and work to provide this as an option in all possible cases.

When can we UV Pipe-Line?

There are many situations in which we CAN pipe-line. Inside and outside drain systems with mineral build up, small cracks, small offsets, tree roots, and other minor damages can be lined. If we are able to get our camera and cleaning equipment through to open up the circumference of the pipe, we CAN line!

UV Pipe-Lining involves two important steps: 1) Sending through the inflated epoxy liner to fill the pipe, then 2) Curing the liner with a UV light. We need to have the pipe as wide open as possible before we can begin the process. The liner coats the inside of the pipe, meaning the wider the circumference the better the pipe-lining process and flow after the process is complete.

As mentioned above, UV Pipe-Lining is not allowed in all parts of the area, so if you are interested CALL IN to 402-298-5414. Our team is waiting to answer any and all of the questions you have about Pipe-Lining, Pipe-Bursting, and/or Trenching.

No matter your drain clog or sewer issue, we have options to resolve them, backed by years of science and hands-on professional experience. American Rooter Plumbing, Inc. is THE local, premier plumbing and pipe-lining company!

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