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American Rooter Plumbing Featured on Cover of Plumber Magazine!


Here at American Rooter Plumbing, we’ve always been proud of where we’ve come from because we believe it symbolizes the epitome of the American dream. When founder and owner Bradd Conn decided he wanted to open his own plumbing business, he did what many successful American entrepreneurs have also done—packed up his things and moved to a market where he knew he’d have a better chance at being successful.

Now, several years later, we’ve become one of the fastest-growing plumbing companies in the country, and is expanding operations throughout the Omaha, Nebraska community, including into parts of Iowa. This story was recently featured in Plumber Magazine, including a picture of the Conn family on the cover! You can read the entire article here.

The cover story recounted the tale of how American Rooter Plumbing came about, and how we’re making a difference in our community by constantly striving to improve. From his first entering an apprenticeship program in Scottsbluff, a small town in western Nebraska, to the move across the state to the opening of American Rooter Plumbing as we know it today.

What Sets Us Apart

The feature article told the story of what we believe truly sets us apart from our competitors, touching on everything from the thorough nature of our services to the deeply American values we hold to the hurdles Conn and the team have gone through to be able to grow to the level we have. Because of Nebraska’s unique, de-centralized regulatory authority on plumbing, Conn had to get five different master plumber licenses in order to serve the entire greater Omaha region.

Our company has branded ourselves as the “SWEET” plumbers, which stands for self-improvement, a wow experience, educating clients, encouraging one another, and transforming lives. We believe these values promote better employees who are always looking to improve themselves as well as happier customers. And the results have shown—80 percent of the business we receive is from repeat customers.

When it comes to being thorough, we do exactly that as well. When Bradd Conn first opened a business for drain work, he realized quickly he would need better tools to completely satisfy customers. He went out and bought a portable water jetting system and kept it on his truck so he could immediately do the job if he found a drain that needed jetting. This preparation allowed him to do jobs faster, and earned the trust of more and more people.

Today, we’re proud to be recognized as the plumbing company that’s taking over the Omaha community by earning the trust of those who depend on us. It’s this entrepreneurial spirit which has constantly guided us to be at our best, and we’re thrilled industry publications like Plumber Magazine have noticed as well!

If you need a plumbing service in the Omaha area, call American Rooter Plumbing at (402) 298-5414 today!

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