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My Plumber Recommended Flow-Tech


Lime scale build up in a water supply system can significantly detract from the efficiency and decrease the lifespan of appliances and water lines. Freeing your water lines of scale build up will allow them to function as intended and will leave your dishwasher, washing machine, water heater, and other water using appliances working more effectively. The Flow-Tech Anti-Scale System is a revolutionary water treatment system that requires no regular maintenance, removes existing lime scale build up, and can reduce your overall energy costs.

The Flow-Tech system is an environmentally safe and friendly softening alternative. Once installed and regulated by a trained plumbing technician, Flow-Tech begins to work on your entire plumbing system. Unlike most water systems, the Flow-Tech is working whether water is flowing through the water system or not. The Flow-Tech system sends a low frequency electromagnetic signal pulsating thousands of times per second throughout the entire system. This electromagnetic signal reduces the Zeta potential, allowing minerals in the water to stick to each other rather than to your pipes and equipment. The pulsating signal keeps water in motion even when water is not free flowing, therefore seed crystals formulate rather than scale building up on the inner walls of the water piping system. Scale forms from minerals in the water, mainly compiled of calcium and magnesium, that are no longer suspended in the solution. This scale build-up can often be seen on shower heads or faucet aerators. Scale also forms inside your plumbing and especially inside of water heaters and other appliances using water such as the washing machine. Scale has a negative effect on water pressure and energy usage. More scale build-up in your pipes means less water pressure in your home and an increase in energy usage as your appliances work harder to function as they are designed to. The Flow-Tech does not remove minerals from the water, it simply renders them harmless. The Flow-Tech will also assist in descaling what has built up in your plumbing system, this could cause harder water initially as pipes throughout the system descale. During the descaling process you may find that you will need to clean faucet screens, shower nozzles, aerators, and water heater sediment filters.

As noted on the official Flow-Tech website, the Flow-Tech can be used in any residential or commercial building that has running water. The Flow-Tech has many notable benefits for your plumbing system. The Flow-Tech can lower bacteria count and reduces biofilm growth by 98%. You will see measurable energy savings and increased cycles of concentration, leading to water savings. Flow-Tech is safe and chemical free and requires no regular maintenance.

If you would like to speak to someone about the Flow Tech, give American Rooter Plumbing a call today and one of our Omaha plumbers can discuss if it is right for you and your property.

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