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4 Common Plumbing Problems for Omaha Home Owners


It is no secret that owning a home or property can come with its fair share of headaches when it comes to plumbing and plumbing issues. There are many areas of the home that can have plumbing issues. Whether it be the water heater may not be heating correctly, the water pressure may not be what you would like, or the toilet could be continually running. Of all the plumbing issues that a home or property owner could have to deal with, the most common plumbing headaches are clogged drains, leaking pipes, dripping faucets, and hot water (or lack thereof).

Common Plumbing Problems 

  1. Often you will see more leaking pipes in the cold winter months however, it is common to see leaking pipes all year round. A leaking pipe will typically begin to leak around the joints of the pipes. Often these leaks may start off very small and unnoticeable. In fact, you may not be aware that you have a leaking pipe until you begin to notice water damage on a floor or ceiling. Leaking pipes are wasteful and can be costly, therefore it is necessary to have regular inspections completed to ensure there is no moisture or leaking around the joint or any other areas of the pipe. If a leak is noticed, a trained or licensed Omaha Plumber will be able to determine whether the pipe can be repaired or will need to be replaced to avoid further leaking.
  2. Toilets, sinks, and bathtubs all are designed to carry wastewater away. Along with the water, waste is debris such as hair, makeup, toothpaste, soap scum, food particles, and other foreign objects are all things that can cause your drain to become slow or even clogged. Our Omaha expert plumbers recommend that you stay away from over-the-counter type drain cleaners that are chemically based. Instead, give us a call to clean your drain.
  3.  It’s inevitable, if you have owned a home or property that has a sink, you have probably experienced a dripping faucet. Though the dripping faucet may not seem like a major plumbing concern, it is a small problem that can cause a large amount of damage. Over time, the drip can become worse, wasting more water and potentially causing damage if not dripping into a drain, or if the drain ever begins to leak. Aside from the monetary impact over time from the dripping faucet, ignoring a dripping faucet can go from a simple repair to having to completely replace the faucet due to being unable to repair.
  4. Of all the painful plumbing issues that can happen in the home, when the water heater is not working correctly, and you want a shower, you may find yourself in an inconvenient manner. The average lifespan of a water heater is 7-12 years depending on how the water heater was maintained and your water quality. To extend the life of the water heater, it should be drained to clear out sediment annually. Water heaters have several mechanisms that all need to work together to ensure that the water in the tank is heated and delivered to the fixture using the water. When any of these mechanisms are not functioning correctly, your water heater will not be able to heat the water as it is designed to do. If you are experiencing any issues with water temperature, one of our local Omaha plumbers can assist you in getting the temperature where it needs to be.

If you have questions about these common plumbing problems or any other plumbing problems you have been experiencing, give American Rooter Plumbing a call and schedule a consultation with a trained technician today. You will be glad that you did.

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