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American Rooter Plumbing's 'SWEET' Smell of Success


American Rooter Plumbing could be seen as a reflection of classic American values: hard work, determination, and willingness to take a risk could pay off in immense success. Even the company uniforms and trucks are decked out in the American color combination of red, white, and blue. That’s exactly what owners and founders Bradd and Sarah Conn have done since starting their business six years ago, and the story of their rise to success was recently featured in an article on

Humble Beginnings

Conn and his then-fiancée Sarah made the decision to give up everything they had and move hundreds of miles away to pursue a dream and an opportunity. Conn started his career with a plumbing internship in Scottsbluff, his hometown located just a few miles from the border between Nebraska and Wyoming. While the apprenticeship taught him the trade, the opportunity just wasn’t there in a community of only around 15,000 people. In 2002, the couple packed up and moved east roughly 450 miles to Omaha, a city of 1.3 million people.

However, it wasn’t until 2012 that the couple decided to pursue Bradd’s dream of owning his own business in earnest. Once his apprenticeship was completed, he launched his own drain cleaning business while also retaining his position as a plumbing company employee. Once he acquired a master plumbing license, he gave his boss notice he was leaving and took the plunge. He was in it for good.

Soon after going out on his own, he discovered the need to carry the right tools to get the job done. He bought a 3,000 PSI water jetting machine to clean drain lines, and he kept it on his truck so he could immediately provide the service if it was called for. This readiness earned customer loyalty that can be found even today—approximately 80 percent of all calls American Rooter Plumbing Receives are from repeat customers.

Truly American Company Values

Today, American Rooter Plumbing takes pride in its much-lauded reputation for being trustworthy and always providing high-quality work. In fact, the company holds at least three training sessions for employees every single week, going over things like keeping trucks clean, maintaining equipment, staying organized, and much more.

The company’s slogan is even representative of their underlying philosophy. Dubbed “The Sweet Plumber,” SWEET is actually an acronym for “Self-improvement, a Wow experience, Educating clients, Encouraging one another, and Transforming lives.” While these may seem cliché to some, Conn believes they are representative of “Midwestern values,” which are a guiding principle in everything from day to day operations to the hiring process.

When you look at the company’s results thus far, it’s hard to argue. American Rooter Plumbing currently has four employees and four trucks, including two Mercedes-Benz Sprinter vans. The company recently just closed on the purchase of a new building in Omaha that will soon serve as a storefront location. Conn says he would be happy with an operation that can support 15 workers and about six or seven trucks serving the same Omaha territory they work in now.

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