Water Filtration Systems Omaha

water filtration system omaha ne

American Rooter of Omaha, NE. provides high-quality water filtration systems for one sink or the whole house. We provide expert installation, maintenance, and repairs for all sizes of water filters.


We can provide you with a filtration system that can:

  • Reduce the telltale tastes and odors caused by excess chlorine and sulfur
  • Filter out dirt and sediment that are giving your water an undesirable texture
  • Restore your water’s pH balance
  • Minimize the presence of trace minerals, metals, and additives that you’d prefer not to have in your water
  • Prepare water from a private well for everyday use

Safe Drinking Water With A Great Taste You Just Can’t Buy From A Bottle

Using bottled water has become a common habit in households across Omaha and Nebraska. The reasons for the high bottle water usage and the hight cost that comes with it, are related to many factors. In fact, there was a recent local news report on the topic, “Is Omaha’s Drinking Water Safe?”.

While they found that local water supply meets or exceeds federal guidelines the underlying problem is taste, water hardness, turbidity, and in extreme cases within the safe guidelines it is still not uncommon to find Chlorine, arsenic, lead, nitrates and numerous other harmful compounds are common impurities.

But, bottled water is most cases is not much better in quality and creates the additional problem of waste that these water bottles cause.

Enter the home water filtration system. These systems come in a variety of sizes and styles, but many of them are available at an affordable price. Water filtration can be owned at a lower price than bottled water and avoid all of the waste generated by plastic water bottles.

Omaha’s Trusted Plumbing Company American Rooter provides the best brands and sizes of water filters for your home or business.