Power Snaking Service in Omaha NE

Power snaking is one of the first steps in the drain cleaning process which is why American Rooter, Inc is prepared to handle any clog with three lean mean drain cleaning machines!

American Rooter, Inc, uses the Ridgid K-45 for versatile drain clogs. It has 3 different types of cable sizes. The 1/4” cable is ideal for bathroom sinks and bathtub drains. The 5/16” cable is used for floor drains and showers. The 3/8” cable is used for cleaning washing machines. The K-45 is known for pulling out hair restricting the drainage.

For the tougher clogs the Ridgid K-400 is used. We use this for common kitchen sink, washing machines, floor drains, floor sinks and mop sinks clogs. This machine is a company favorite because it of its efficiency.

When the main drain needs cleaning, the Ridgid K-6200 is put to use. This machine is very powerful and will cut through clogs in no time. It is designed to rip through tree roots or any other debris restricting the flow.

Tree roots are the leading culprit to main drain back-ups. If your home was built before 1985 in the Omaha Area, then it is very likely that your plumbing system is NOT made of PVC piping. Years ago, the plumbing code was not aware that tree roots could penetrate through the joints creating major blockages. When home owners have tree roots, they have a few options to alleviate the problem. You can snake the line, replace it, or hydro-jett the line. Replacing the line can be very costly, but will resolve the problem entirely.