American Rooter Plumbers in Plattsmouth

The time has come for you to call a plumber. It may seem simple enough, but when faced with dozens of local options, how do you go about hiring the right one for the job? Aren’t they all the same, anyways? Far from it, actually! The plumbing industry, like any contracting business, is subdivided into various sub-fields.
Unlike the rest

What that means is you may find some plumbers that specialize in drain cleaning and sewage line repair, and others who have years of experience working on new water pipe installation projects. Each is equally skilled, albeit in their own right.

Then you have businesses like American Rooter, Inc., ones that are the “jack of all trades” types. What separates our company from the rest of the crowd is that every service we provide is competently handled by plumbers who have years of prior experience.

You will never have to worry about someone working on your residential and commercial plumbing system that lacks the necessary skills and equipment. This would be simply wasting your time, and that is the last thing the seasoned professionals at American Rooter ever want to do.

Comprehensive services that live up to the name

Given that American Rooter, Inc. specializes in and provides a vast array of Plattsmouth plumbing services, some more common than others, we feel it necessary to list a few. This will allow you to see firsthand what types of jobs our plumbers have worked on; as well as offer a sense of reassurance that no matter what issue has decided to occur in your home or commercial office space, they will have it under control in no time.

Shower Stall and Valve Installations – upgrade that old and dingy shower stall to a clean and aesthetically appealing model. This cosmetic improvement can add a lot of value to your home when done right!

Kitchen Sink Repair – you use this every day and definitely cannot afford for it to clog or backup. If your sink has stopped draining or is leaking, American Rooter, Inc. is who you want to call.

Leak Detection – contrary to popular belief, most water leaks go unnoticed by occupants. It is the silent ones that cause the most damage, and only a trained plumber who possesses the proper detection equipment can pinpoint the source.

Some of the other popular, Plattsmouth plumbing services offered by American Rooter, Inc. include backflow testing, hydro-jetting, drain cleaning, tub repair, and water filtration system installations. Get in touch with one of our associates today for a free quote!