Camera Inspection and Sewer Location

Receiving a thorough sewer and drain video camera inspection is a very valuable asset for the property owner providing visual information of the pipe’s interior condition. It is beneficial to easily find problem areas within the drainage system. American Rooter Inc, your local & licensed drain cleaning service in Omaha is experienced in all aspects of using and determining issues within your line using our video camera inspection equipment.

What is a sewer and drain video camera inspection?

A sewer and drain video camera inspection is a type of inspection that allows you and your plumber to accurately see the problems that lie inside of your plumbing sewer system. Our Ridgid SeeSnake Plus is a camera on a line that enters through a cleanout or by pulling the toilet. The SeeSnake has LED lights illuminating the interior walls and sensors that allow us to locate the problem. The camera head sends live video footage and the distance to our technician’s monitor allowing him to make educated suggestions to improve your drainage.

During the inspection, our camera records the video footage on a CD. American Rooter, Inc can then replay the content in front of the property owner right then and there. Lastly, we upload the content to our video software and we are able to create a report for every party involved.

When should I get a sewer camera inspection?

At American Rooter, Inc we believe that every property owner should know what their interior plumbing system entails. Consider this: your plumbing system is similar to your body’s artery system. Your body system has blood vessels that stream to your heart. Similar to your body, your plumbing system plumbing has different drains that flow to your main drain. If your body’s blood vessels are blocked or clogged, then it affects your whole body. Same with plumbing – if there is something wrong with the main drain, then it affects the whole system. We firmly believe that for every main drain problem, a camera inspection is necessary. The camera inspection provides all the necessary information to fix your problem the first time. This will save the property owner more money in the long run. It offers the peace of mind knowing that your plumbing system is flowing smoothly without any blockage now OR in the near future.

It is vital for new property owners to get a thorough sewer and drain camera inspection to view their plumbing condition prior to purchasing. Because American Rooter, Inc is fully equipped with the latest technology we are able to send you the video footage of your plumbing system. Recently, we helped a future home owner find tree roots and a cracked pipe in the home’s plumbing system. They were then able to negotiate with the seller, lowering the purchase price so the problem can be fixed but not at their expense.

Another reason to why you should get a camera inspection is if you had your line snaked a few months back and your drain is running slow again, then you need to get your line inspected with a camera. As we mentioned above, getting a camera inspection – the first time – would have eliminated the second phone call to your plumber, which now costs you more money.


A camera inspection is also a great way to start preventative maintenance. Because drain lines usually become clogged, deteriorate over time, and need maintenance eventually, it is essential to camera inspect your lines to help alleviate future problems.

Project Coordinators

After American Rooter, Inc has provided you with a complete sewer and drain camera inspection, we are able to play the video footage right then and there because the content is saved to a CD or jump drive. Later, we upload the content to our video software and then create a report. Within 72 hours, you will get an email from our third party provider and the email will have a link with your report code.


For example, enter “examples” in the Report Retrieval Code box below. This software makes for a simple process for all parties involved.